The Shape: Music in Worship

At First Church, music is an integral part of our corporate worship. Reflecting the diversity of our congregation, our music includes a variety of songs, hymns, instruments, and arrangements, which are used as expressions of our praise to God set to music.

We believe that all worshippers, from the youngest to the oldest can add their voices to congregational singing. As we sing, whether we consider ourselves musically gifted or not, we utilize the lyrics of God-honoring writers to articulate our gratitude, our confessions, our needs, and our longings to the Lord.  Additionally, our worship is often enhanced by special vocal groups, choirs and various soloists who contribute unique musical expressions to our shared worship experience.

Psalm 150 suggests that God’s people should praise him  “with the sounding of the trumpet”, “with the harp and lyre”, “with timbrel and dancing”, and “with the clash of cymbals; with the resounding cymbals”.  Our musical expressions at First Church reflect the unique and varied instrumental gifting of many of our worshippers.  Anchored by piano and organ, our orchestra, which includes strings, winds and percussion, enhances our worship as do more contemporary instruments like drums and guitars.

Music in worship is not presented as a performance by specially skilled musicians for the congregation. Rather, it is a vehicle of our collective response to God as we give Him honor, praise and glory for who He is, what He has done and what He is doing.  In the context of our weekly worship together, we encourage all to “Sing joyfully to the Lord.  Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” [Psalm 33:3]


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