WWW @ KCFC: Introduction

Almost everyone has heard the old story about the woman who never served a ham for Easter dinner without cutting off the ends of it. She had learned this from her mother who had learned it from her mother. Neither had ever asked: “Why?”  When the three generations were together for possibly their last Easter dinner, the grand-daughter asked her grand-mother the reason for cutting off the ends of the ham before cooking it. “Does it make it taste better? Do the ends somehow change the taste of the entire ham? Why do we do this?”

Grandma’s response was: “Because my pan was too short for the whole thing to fit!”

All of that to say that sometimes the “why” is not readily apparent. Here at First Church, we want to articulate the “whats and whys of worship.” We’re calling it the www@kcfc. So, over the next three years, there will be an insert that shows up in the weekly worship folder every few weeks which addresses a “what” or a “why” of worship. This initiative is the effort of the “worship way” team at KCFC and has been “in process” for more than a year. The brief articles will address issues revolving around the church year, the worship space, the apostle’s creed, and the shape of our corporate worship pattern. Approximately 20 articles will appear each year over a three-year cycle, which began in November of 2014, for a total of about 60 articles. Some seasons of the year will have more frequent inserts than other parts of the year, but on average, an article will be released about once every three weeks. Eventually, these pieces will be gathered into collections which can be utilized in other forms and for various purposes.


*article originally released: August 24, 2014*



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